TRAV STUDIO specializes in creating black-and-white landscape photographs and color mixed media artworks with superior materials for limited edition sale. Travis markets a strong sense of environmental responsibility and an exceptional customer experience to make investment in his work as ethical and comfortable as possible.

ABOUT THE ARTIST.   Travis Patterson is an artist with supplemental training in art education, agriculture, and ecology. He is dedicated to the therapeutic and passionate outlets that art and education provide, as well as the spiritual connection to and the sublime forces of nature. As a child, the landscape of rural Virginia impacted him deeply and attending a National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) trek through the Wind River range of Wyoming in high school affirmed his dedication to the idea of wilderness. He has visited 48 states to make photographs and contemplate the role that American culture has played upon the landscape.  

In recent years, Travis Patterson has written and evaluated high school photography programming for the Corcoran Gallery of Art (DC), graduated Prescott College a baccalaureate and Frederick Sommer Fellow (AZ), earned his K-12 teaching certification in public school art under the Expeditionary Learning model (AZ), taught photojournalism in a Katrina-ravaged New Orleans (LA), and served on the board of executives for the Prescott Areas Arts & Humanities Council (AZ). He most recently received his MFA degree in photography from the Savannah College of Art & Design (GA) and has since relocated to Boston where he works as an artist and formerly with the Institute of Contemporary Art (MA). 

WORDS FROM THE ARTIST.   During graduate school in Georgia, I took risk in my work under the refuge of education. I fed off the creativity of my peers and the history of art in hopes of challenging myself to produce something unique. Some of my fondest memories from that time include smoke breaks in the dead of night and the eventual marriage of my two best classmates. I just barely surfaced critique with my MFA and the resulting body of work was entitled coup d'oeil, also known as MIXED MEDIA on this website. 

In the words of one of the most beautiful and intelligent mentors I have ever had, some artists know in order to do while others do in order to know. I firmly believe that I am the latter and will continue to meander through an artistic life in hopes of making sense of my trail in hindsight.

Exiting this formal training a more mature man and artist, I find myself exactly where I began my artistic career despite valiant efforts to reinvent myself in many ways. I am a Modernist so dumbstruck by the works of Weston and Adams that I am beyond rescue. I acknowledge that I am not reinventing any wheel; in all honesty, I am perpetuating an integral but romantic era that is irrelevant to the advancement of my medium. I am happiest when creating black and white images because they feel right and simple. I am at peace portraying an untouched landscape not because it is accurate, but because it is a subject that brings me a sense of personal redemption and relaxation as I escape a fast-paced, overwhelming Bostonian existence.

My hope is that you can find inspiration in some corner of my work. It is diverse and as varied as a well-rounded life should be.

ON SALES. Business and sales tactics are neglected subjects in art school despite the fact that they take up the majority of an artist's time. I've spent many years in customer service and sales in bar management, education, and most recently as a B2B account manager for Wayfair. I've learned to embrace patience and objectivity throughout these experiences. The process has afforded me invaluable experience in actively listening to the needs of the client, remaining transparent at all points of sale, asserting myself as the expert, and authentically connecting. I've been granted the gift of distance from my own work and thus can approach it objectively in this period of my life.